Security: How are you Securing your Cloud Email and Files?

Gone are the days of hosting an exchange server and a file server at your business, because now there are far more affordable and more simple ways. There are currently two main providers for cloud email and file storage; Google and Microsoft. While they both make it extremely easy to implement and utilize, security is one portion that is often largely overlooked.

Surprisingly, the biggest risk in enterprise SaaS usage does not come from mindless data sharing, but from external threats. These mainly come in the form of unauthorized, an alarming 90% of the SaaS breaches are caused by hacking. Specifically, 50% of these breaches are caused by a takeover of employee SaaS account.

While most solutions in the SaaS security space focus purely on application control and data leakage, Check Points CloudGuard SaaS provides complete protections against hijacking of employee SaaS accounts, sophisticated malware and zero-day threats, and sensitive data sharing.


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Check Point CloudGuard SaaS Solution Brief

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