Security: Managing Security in a Hosted Cloud Environment

Everyday more and more companies are migrating to the cloud due to its scalability and affordability. What remains on the top of everyone’s mind is ‘how secure is the cloud?’

All cloud providers use what is known as a shared security responsibility model. The shared security responsibility model, roughly translates that the cloud provider is responsible for protecting the infrastructure that runs all of the services offered while the customer is responsible for all necessary security configuration and management tasks. Granted there are different interpretations from each cloud provider and this can be difficult to navigate.

This model allows the cloud provider minimal liability on the individual instances per customer, ensuring adequate protection for the cloud provider but not for the customer. R3SOLV is working to bridge the gap providing best in class overall protection for cloud environments regardless of cloud provider.

The expertise we have developed navigating this cloud security landscape has enabled R3SOLV partnered with Check Point to develop processes and procedures to ensure any organizations protection while enabling all the benefits cloud computing has to offer.

Click below for a Check Point CloudGuard IAAS solution Overview

Check Point CloudGuard IAAS Overview

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